Why You Should Send a Rose Instead of a Birthday Card This Year

app.brameworkit’s time for me to share an unconventional birthday message with you! I am a fan of sending roses on Valentine’s Day, but what about birthdays? Why not try something different this year?

If you’re anything like me, your typical birthday card can be rather mundane. In fact, it might even feel like an obligation to send one out – after all, it’s already been decided that this is when we celebrate ourselves!

However, the key to creating a truly special birthday celebration lies in choosing which greeting card to send out. You want to make sure that your friends and loved ones get the most out of their day so why not give them something truly memorable? Enter: the rose card!

Why Send a Rose?

To greet someone on their special day, why not send them a stunning bouquet of roses? Why not construct an exquisite vase and arrange the blossoms in it to create a work of art worthy of all attention?

The decorum, extravagance, and exclusivity that go into designing a stunning bouquet of roses is reminiscent of many aspects of one’s life.

Let me introduce you to Kathy, a patron with whom I have become acquainted over the past few years. She recently celebrated her birthday (October 18) and threw herself a lavish party; consequently, she decided it would be fitting to commemorate with a floral arrangement! They were so striking and eye-catching – truly spectacular!

Birthday Roses at Every Price Point

if you’re on a budget but still want it to feel special for your loved one, we have birthday roses that cost under $20; these are sure to be an unforgettable investment.

On the lookout for a more affordable rose? Get yours for under $5 – these gorgeous blooms can be found at many local craft markets and florist shops across the country.

If you’re looking to spend more money, check out our rose bouquets starting at just $20-$50 – perfect for creating a memorable birthday experience.

The Many Styles of Roses

Wreaths and bouquets are undoubtedly essential components of many birthday celebrations, but there’s one type of rose that transcends them all; the incredible custom-designed arrangement!

Delicate spray roses or breathtakingly vibrant colors come together to create exquisite floral art pieces. Whether you’re searching for a traditional aesthetic or inspired by nature with bright shades; your choice is boundless.

Custom vector illustrations can be used to craft custom-made birthday arrangements adorned with eccentric styles like plaids and stripes – perfect for any child turning seven!

With so many choices available, arranging a custom design couldn’t be simpler! Simply choose the color scheme, deliverable (individually hand-crafted or premade), and motif(s) desired – then let our florists take care of the rest.

Types of Birthday Roses

When sending a birthday rose, it will be sent as a regular bouquet of flowers. It is typically offered in various colors and sizes, with most numbers ranging between two to six blooms – no matter how old you may be!

High-end birthday roses are often expertly crafted to resemble any number or combination of flowers. They can even include stems of dahlias or irises alongside the traditional rose varieties; alternatively they could feature spotted hydrangeas or dwarf garden roses instead!

Many choose to send roses for birthdays because they’re familiar–even more so than other flower options. Flowers from your own backyard are among the most frequently used tools for expressing sentiment on this day.

How to Find the Perfect Rose for the Occasion

If you are unsure of how to approach a birthday celebration, consider the occasion carefully before choosing a gift. You may also want to consider what kind of personality your loved one has by looking at their past birthday celebrations – if they have been extravagant or reserved when it comes to celebrating!

If you find yourself stumped when selecting an exciting birthday present that’s yet to be conjured up in your mind, don’t despair! Here are some suggestions that can help get started on creating an unforgettable experience.

Roses for Special Occasions

Send a rose when someone has passed away or for bereavement, anniversaries and other celebrations – like birthdays!

Birthdays are a special occasion worth celebrating, and sending flowers is an ideal way to express appreciation. Send roses from Florabunda as a creative alternative; they come in a multitude of colors catering to all tastes while still remaining stunningly elegant! Whether you prefer reds, blues or pinks, there’s something for everyone here!

If you’re planning a celebration on behalf of another person, look no further than our wide selection of birthday bouquets. These charming floral designs will surely bring smiles to the faces of your guests as they receive their blooms amid celebratory music–ideal for any occasion!

Choosing the Right Size and Color for Your Reception

You may have selected a stunning crystal vase to display your birthday party’s centerpiece; however, it can be difficult to choose what size and color choice will best suit your needs. Unexpectedly, the leading factor for selecting these options could be more practical than expected!

To create a gorgeous setting for your dream event, we recommend opting for an assortment of roses that fits within the confines of your chosen vase–this can prove quite challenging. To ascertain whether you desire your arrangement to remain compact or expand over time – peruse its dimensions with care before making any decisions!

The Expense Factor

Everyone knows that it is customary to send a card to your beloved on the occasion of his or her birthday; however if budget is an issue and you are pressed for resources then opting for a rose instead may prove beneficial.

It’s true that roses don’t come cheap, but it doesn’t take much effort to create a memorable bouquet. In addition to adorning the occasion with flowers and chocolates, consider placing them in a vase and decorating it with floral decorations or even splurging on lavish arrangements. If you can’t afford all this extravagance – why not opt for something simpler?

Why Not Send Flowers in Their Natural Colors?

If you’ve ever sent flowers to someone as a birthday gift, chances are that they were sent in white or vivacious colors. However, if your recipient lives in nature-inspired abodes like greenhouses or rainforest jungles – they may require only hues of nature to complement their surroundings!

That’s where we come in: Send roses in olive greens and yellows, which suit both their indoor and outdoor settings. We aim to provide the ideal arrangement for exactly what the recipient needs!


A rose is an ideal Valentine’s Day gift and a birthday card alternative. Send one to your sweetheart or business associate, and let them know of your affectionate nature!

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