How to Care for a Gold-Dipped Rose: A Step-by-Step Guide(2023)

Gold-Dipped Rose, Are you looking to add an extra-sparkly touch to your Valentine’s celebrations? Then look no further than gold-dipped roses! This dazzling accessory is a veritable masterpiece – both aesthetically pleasing and delightfully aromatic.

At its core, this practice of dipping flowers in 24-karat gold has been around for centuries. The process was initially utilized by royalty as an extravagant display of wealth; however, starting in the 1970s it became commonplace among everyday people who desired such adornments for their homes. Today, many individuals continue to treasure these precious blossoms which have been specially created just for them!

In order to achieve a beautifully glistening finish on your chosen flower arrangement, it is essential that you follow certain guidelines when applying the dip. Here are some tips that can help make your experience more enjoyable!

What You’ll Need

Perfume oils and lotions are an exceptional choice for the final step in this process. Offering up a captivating scent alongside its richness in gold, any perfume oil or lotion formula would make an excellent addition to this crafty project!

Initially, you’ll want to inspect your rose. Removing any damaged leaves may be necessary. Likewise, if any petals fall off during the preparation phase – don’t worry; it’s perfectly acceptable!

How to Care for a Gold-Dipped Rose

Step 1
At the onset of your venture into the world of rose gold dipping, it is crucial to understand that there are no hard-and-fast rules dictating what type of rose should be chosen for this treatment.

While there is no one ideal rose for dipping, we can broadly categorize them by color. White Gold-Dipped Rose and lavender varieties tend to have a more dramatic effect on onlookers when adorned in sparkling gold – which makes them suitable choices for those seeking a captivating spectacle!

Our master curators have noted that ‘Aura’ is quite aptly named – its leaves are lightly tinted with pendant golden hues that emanate an ethereal glow.

Step 2
Unfasten the wire from its base, and then allow it to coil up.

Give your rose a moment’s rest as you unwind its metal binding; then coiling it back up is relatively effortless!

Dispose of any metal bits in your trash can or recycle bin; otherwise, place them in an airtight container for display purposes only.

Step 3
If you’ve chosen to employ gold as the focal point of your rose, then it’s time to give the petals a pristine wash. To achieve this goal, use warm water and a delicate towel or lint-free cloth; avoid using trimmings, as they could introduce grit into your creation.

If you’d like to get out all that dirt without removing your rose’s perfume (optional), then submerging it in dilute dishwashing detergent should do the trick! Allow it to soak for an hour before rinsing thoroughly under running water. Afterward, pat dry with a soft cloth before placing it back in its vase atop fresh soil; best done during daylight hours so the colors can be enjoyed more vividly!

Step 4
Soak your stems in warm water for 10 minutes before placing them into a bowl of cool water.

Give it another rinse, then place the flowers into a strainer and pat them dry using an absorbent cloth or towel.

Step 5
Allow the polymerization process to take its course. With a seasoned rose in hand, the time can be as short as six hours before it is ready for cutting. If you’re looking to expedite things a bit more quickly, it’s possible to speed up the reaction process.

After bathing your rose in gold-dip solution and allowing it to breathe for around ten minutes, you must let it sit undisturbed for at least an hour. This allows ample time for the blingy coating to harden; after which any decorations can safely be removed from the bud!

Step 6
It is always wise to wash your hands thoroughly before handling any food, especially raw flowers. Soap and water are sufficient; don’t opt for hand sanitizers or wipes – they only mask the reality of germs!

Gently patting your rose dry with a clean towel, you’ll need to cut away the thorns and leaves that may have grown on it. Then commence at its base; prying out each petal with deft fingers while keeping the stem intact.

Finally, apply a generous amount of the chosen oil to your fingertips. Gently massage each petal, being careful not to abrade it in any way. Finally, allow all colors to merge before storing them away for future use.


Now that you have learned how to properly care for your gold-dipped rose, it is time to get crafty! The process of creating a golden masterpiece is simple – all that is required is an abundance of patience and perseverance.

As you progress through this project, remember to be diligent in your efforts. This can only lead to success, after all!

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