The Best Place to Try a Bourbon Rose Is at a Kentucky Farm

This past fall, I had the pleasure of visiting one of Kentucky’s most captivating attractions – a Bourbon Rose farm. Upon arrival, I was greeted by smiling faces and escorted along to observe the process of hand-plucking roses from their verdant surroundings.

Upon entering, our noses were immediately assailed by an abundance of fragrant roses; it was as if we had stepped into a garden of Eden! The atmosphere was tranquil and serene with music playing softly in the background while fragrant petals gently wafted upwards… It truly felt like heaven on earth!

After witnessing the rose blossoms being plucked from their soil, the next step was for us to select which variety we desired: red, pink, or white.

Harrod’s Farm

Harrod’s Farm
Harrod’s Farm

At the bustling Harrod’s Farm in Morristown, located in Madison County, visitors can take part in an entertaining workshop experience that combines bourbon and roses.

Weaving through the meadows at this tranquil retreat is a captivating undertaking! Participants must gather wildflowers from the surrounding landscape and arrange them into stunning bouquets; then it is time to craft these stunning arrangements into works of art by adding flowers, leaves, and other adornments.

As with most farm-based activities here at Harrod’s, kids are highly encouraged – which makes this workshop an ideal opportunity for budding artists or budding botanists to gain hands-on experience with fresh blooms!

With its roots firmly planted in Kentucky tradition and flavors, Harrod’s offers ample opportunities for travelers to sample its renowned liquor products while enjoying glimpses of agrarian life alongside their experiences.

Stitzel-Weller Distillery

Stitzel-Weller is an artisanal distillery nestled in Lexington, KY. This distillery produces a range of bourbon whiskeys, but it is their flagship variety containing more rye than any other bourbon brand in the world – a whopping 62%!

A visit to Stitzel-Weller’s visitor center situated on the outskirts of town offers visitors an opportunity to appreciate its striking architecture and explore the process of crafting unique spirits here at the renowned park. You can even partake in hands-on brewing classes during certain times of the year!

Jim Beam Distillery

At this renowned distillery, visitors may experience a glimpse of what it’s like to craft bourbon. After being introduced to the process at the barrel house, they can also stroll through an array of fascinating exhibits depicting its rich history; including revealing information on such topics as prohibition and Kentucky Derby racing!

Visitors will marvel at the diverse range of exceptional whiskeys here. From their flagship Jim Beam Black which imparts bold fruit notes with a creamy finish to the Master’s Keep offering which exudes whiskey sweetness without any chill-filtering – there are numerous variants available for your selection.

In addition to perusing their extensive collection of bourbons, you can venture out into the surrounding grounds. There is no shortage of activities or sights to behold when exploring Jim Beam’s bourbon farm – where visitors can amble along country paths and even partake in horse-riding excursions alongside some spectacular thoroughbreds!

Elijah Craig Distillery

If you’re looking for an idyllic getaway, consider paying a visit to Elijah Craig Distillery – this notable Louisville establishment has been operating since 1812!

During your visit to the distillery, you may witness exemplary craftsmanship being employed in the process of making bourbon. One such instance is when masterful artisans utilize their skillful hands to craft intricate bottles; it’s an impressive sight! Furthermore, if you choose to travel onward with any of its products on board – don’t forget to bring them back home!

Wild Turkey Distillery

Not content with crafting their award-winning bourbon, Master Distiller Jimmy Russell also leads the charge in the craft brewing industry with his eponymous line of barrel-aged beers.

This past summer, I had a chance to visit Wild Turkey’s newly constructed distillery in Lawrenceburg featuring a cozy tasting room where I savored samples of its renowned bourbon before moving on to taste some of its craft brew offerings. And what an experience it was!

The generous allocation of three free small samples for each guest was ample for anyone not requiring a large portion. For my fellow visitors seeking more than one or two pours, the staff wasn’t shy about giving out extras from their array of vessels if needed; in fact, they were happy to provide any given amount desired!


Bourbon Rose Recipes


The fuchsia and violet hues of Louisville, Kentucky’s eclectic bouquet are unmistakable. For many in the city, it represents more than just a celebration; it symbolizes optimism and beauty in all its forms – be they visual or culinary.

Here are some delectable Bourbon Roses recipes to get you started!


The Bourbon Rose is a beloved innovation of our fair state and one that has received significant attention. With its distinct scent, this delicate creation is simply captivating!

Discover the majesty of Kentucky’s Bourbon Rose, and be entranced by its alluring aroma.

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